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Five West Point Cadets Overdose During Spring Break

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

By Alexandria Kim

Five West Point cadets and an unidentified man were hospitalized on Thursday, March 10, after overdosing on cocaine laced with fentanyl.

Police arrived at a rental house in Wilton Manors, Florida, to find two men performing CPR, and four more unconscious on the lawn and in the house.

All six went into cardiac arrest, including the two men performing CPR, who did not consume the substance but were exposed to it while carrying out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Two of the men were revived after an emergency overdose treatment, but four remained in cardiac arrest and were transported to Broward General Medical Center. Of those four, two are still in critical condition.

All the individuals were in their early 20s and were spending their spring break in the rental home.

"These are healthy young adults, college students in the prime of their life," Fort Lauderdale Fire Battalion Chief Stephen Gollan said. "Getting this drug into their system, it's unknown what the recovery will be on the critical individuals."

Two days later, on March 12, drug dealer Axel Giovany Casseus, 21, was arrested and is suspected of selling the drugs to the cadets.

However, authorities state that no other details can be given at this time and that the investigation is ongoing.

"This incident serves as a stark reminder to all, especially those visiting for Spring Break, of the deadly impacts of Fentanyl. This synthetic opioid continues to have detrimental impacts on many communities, and our agency remains committed to drug prevention and intervention initiatives," Wilton Manors police officials said in a statement.

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