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Elderly Man Trapped Inside of His House

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

By Pauline Lee

It was reported by Adam Gossett and Ean Collins on March 22,2020, Calaveras County, North Carolina, that an elderly man, the age of 74, was found trapped inside his house for 5 days because his house had been covered with snow during a snowstorm.

Thankfully, two workers from North Carolina’s Pacific Gas and Energy were able to find him when they had heard a faint screaming from a nearby house that was fully covered in snow.

The elderly man was yelling “Help me!” and “I’m hungry,” at the two men helped the man. The man had been trapped inside his house without a phone, food, heat, or power, only being able to call out for help with a whistle. The old man had been shivering when he was taken out of his home and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital.

In order to prepare for natural disasters, follow these safety tips:

Stay informed by tuning into local authorities for info about evacuation and safety tips.

Have an evacuation plan by knowing where you will go during a natural disaster.

Keep emergency kits somewhere in your home; stock your kits with flashlights, batteries, and first aid supplies.

Go to the safest area in your home; depending on the situation, make sure to avoid places where you can get hurt.

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