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Explosion in Nashville on Christmas Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

By Alexandria Kim

Police are looking into an explosion that occurred in downtown Nashville on the morning of December 25, 2020, Christmas Day.

The explosion happened at 6:30 a.m. after a parked RVwarned people to evacuate with a computer system saying, “Evacuate now. There is a bomb. A bomb is in the vehicle and will explode.” Fifteen minutes later, the RV blew up, injuring three people and causing damage to nearby buildings, including an AT&T building, which disrupted emergency services and temporarily canceled flights.

Officials have stated that traces of human remains were found on the scene, but no deaths were reported. Investigators have been looking into the case and have begun to suspect that the explosion was likely a suicide bombing based on the remains found.

On Saturday, December 26, 2020, according to multiple senior federal law enforcement officials, federal agents searched the home of Anthony Quinn Warner; they suspected that Warner may have a connection to the accident.

An RV similar to the one described to have blown up was found next to the house through a Google street view image of the address. Officials have stated the RV is no longer near the house.

Authorities suspect that this could mean that Warner is connected to the case, but say they will continue to follow leads.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced on Saturday that he requested an emergency declaration from President Donald Trump. In a statement on social media, Lee wrote, “The severity and magnitude of the current situation is such that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the State and affected local governments.”

Around $300,000 has been raised to help with the arrest of the perpetrator of the explosion.

Convention and Visitors Corp. have offered $10,000 as a reward, which has since been increased to $34,500.

“Like everyone, we woke up this Christmas morning to the horrible news of the explosion on Second Avenue. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with all involved or affected,” said Butch Spyridon, CEO and President of Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.” This is when we show the world who we are. Thank you all for everything you do for our city, and stay safe. I believe in Nashville.”

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